Dan and AC initially established DAERAM as a software development consultancy that specializes in web development and custom XSplit broadcaster plugins right after Dan left SplitmediaLabs. However, due to time constraints, they could not accept anymore extra work, so Dan just converted the site into a "public" journal that he would often update each time he gets tired of writing code. Most contents were imported from Dan's previous blog.

Daniel Cefram Ramirez

He used to work full-time at SplitmediaLabs, and was one of the main developers of XJS Framework for XSplit plugins and Player.me's desktop application. Before those two large projects, he was also involved in XSplit Gamecaster for quite a time since the initial launch before focusing on XSplit Broadcaster's plugins and its plugin store.

He loves learning new languages and the concepts that they bring along with them. But he usually falls back to the tech stack that he is very familiar with when working on production level projects to minimize the risks.

Oh, and he does not hold a bachelors degree, and in fact, was almost expelled once (he managed to just drop out of college instead), but for some reason, he was able to climb the ladder and is currently a senior software engineer.

Links: Site | Github

Arceli Ramirez

She used to work with Dan in Fujitsu Ten (now Denso Ten) before he left for SplitmediaLabs. After Fujitsu, she worked with a company that handled large banking solutions, and was at a time, the technical lead of two or more teams and projects simultaneously.

She's also great at Math, and is the actual engineer between the two (ie. she's a Computer Engineering graduate).