Due to the corona virus pandemic, co-working in public spaces isn't a good idea, in fact, it is not possible to co-work right now as there's an Enhanced Community Quarantine thing going on.

We recently (in recently, I mean a couple of months ago) moved to our new house that we mortgaged from a bank, and here I am about to showoff my bedroom office table:

I got a filthy plebeian MacBook Pro, mainly because I do develop mobile apps, and Apple is sooo smart, or greedy, or a bit of both, to only allow compiling for iOS using MacOS.

Also, the fact that it overheats when you play games on it is another reason why this is my preferred work station. I do not get tempted to play good games on it.

The one on to the left is a laptop that we bought for Arceli, when she mentioned to me that she wanted to try her hands on web development, which she never did because her job as a software engineer for a proprietary banking software still makes a lot more "stable income" than she would've by shifting to web development. So yeah, I ended up using it for things that I need to get done in Windows. It's a gamer-y laptop from MSI, but because it's relatively slim, the thermals isn't all that great... Just like all of the other MSI stealth gs series.

Oh, and that laptop's screen is broken because my baby girl was so strong that she managed to break the screen with her hands. I can't wait to get this whole Quarantine situation lifted and get this laptop fixed. I need a Windows laptop -_-

To top it all off, our internet connection is around 40Mbps, which is relatively fast for a residential internet connection in a province... in the Philippines.